Customized Workshops

To inquire about customized visual facilitation and visioning training for individuals, small groups, corporate teams, or events, contact Christine.


May 10, 2016

Align & Act, Washington DC. An invitation-only gathering of one hundred leaders from a wide range of disciplines, perspectives, influence, and systems in one conversation over one day to talk about what it will take for our nation’s young people to gain full access to a great education, meaningful work, a rich civic life, and equal opportunity. Christine Walker, visual facilitation.


11th Annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference, Sonoma Mountain Village, Rohnert Park, California

10th Annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference, Sonoma Mountain Villange, Rohnert Park, California

April 30, 2014

9th Annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference, Sonoma Mountain Village, Rohnert Park, California

June 2-4, 2013

Public Banking Conference 2013, Dominican University, San Rafael, California

“Funding the New Economy”

June 2, 7-9:15 pm, Conversation featuring Matt Taibbi, Ellen Brown, Birgitta Jonsdotter, Gar Alperovitz. June 3 & 4, Conference sessions and breakouts.

On June 4, Christine Walker will create a large “roadmap” visual throughout the day and during the 2:30 plenary with content input from participants. Co-hosted by the Public Banking Institute and Dominican University, Green MBA Program.

April 26, 2013

“Strategic Visualization Tools for Organizational Sustainability” Speaker Presentation by Christine Walker

Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2013, Sonoma Mountain Village, Rohnert Park, California

Christine Walker will also be creating an all-day visual capture of presentations on a single large mural.

April 18 & 19, 2013

Strategic Visualization by Christine Walker, Chico State University

“Visual Thinking: Strategic Big-picture Thinking for Designers, Business Leaders, and Other Visionaries” Presentation and Workshop by Christine Walker

April 18 – An evening presentation for the community on Thursday at 6 PM, THMA, 230An April 19 – An all-day workshop for AIGA students on Friday 9:30 to 5, THMA, 230

For more information, contact Barbara Sudic, Professor of Communication Design

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