Hand-drawn videos tell the distinctive story of your business, initiative, endeavor, brand or cause.

They inspire emotions toward positive action. They educate your customers and new audiences about products and services. Also referred to as explainer videos, video scribing, or animates, hand-drawn story videos make complex concepts easier to understand and remember.

Christine Walker and her creative partner, Dennis Hysom, provide end-to-end production including concept development, script writing, storyboards, all visuals and graphics, filming, voiceover, sound effects, music selection or composition, editing, and syncing.

Hand-drawn explainer videos are a cost-effective, engaging way to show future possibilities.

These six frames from a hand-drawn video about the future of personal health technology shows “Jane” as she transforms from healthy and happy, to ill, back to happy, but now aware of her condition and able to access her health information. Her emotional state is described not only in the narrative but also indicated in the visuals: hair, facial expressions, and posture.

Videos can reach public audiences via youtube, vimeo, or live presentation, and reach private audiences through internal media channels and select group presentations.

Contact Christine Walker, MA, MFA, for hand-drawn story videos.