Visual Thinking

for Artful Visioning, Leadership and Culture Shift

We are opening hearts and moving minds—partnering in transformative work for sustainable organizations, conscious business, and vital community. The “we” is all of us doing what we do best individually and together, locally and globally.

Christine Walker helps people see thought, shape vision, and focus action. From her wellspring as an artist flows her expertise as a creative consultant, designer, writer, facilitator, and collaborator.

“…the soul never thinks without an image.” Aristotle, 350 B.C.

Christine’s visual facilitation incorporates whole-body visual thinking, listening, strategic visualization, and narratives. Human needs, empathy for others as well as ourselves, and authentic communication are at the heart of innovation and positive culture change. She is an expert in creative process, design thinking, as well as understanding the arc and meaning of stories we tell and like to be told.

Visual Strategy

Head Heart & Hand combine for authentic communication © Christine Walker

Christine Walker, artist and visual facilitator:

Leads or co-leads meetings and retreats and facilitates conversations while creating visuals through guided visioning, questioning, narrative writing, visual storytelling, and other activities

Translates conversations visually as a graphic recorder in support of co-facilitators, speakers, or other event leaders

Creates pre-event or post-event visuals traditionally or digitally in the studio as an illustrator, graphic designer and writer

Her artistic and collaborative skills are to imagine, conceptualize, observe, listen, draw, translate, narrate, inspire, empathize, question, challenge, clarify, synthesize. Through her design and facilitation approaches, she elicits the “big picture,” senses pathways to follow, reveals and explores metaphoric associations, envisions future states, illuminates and deepens conversations, maps strategic intentions, and inspires actions. Her processes produce murals, posters, narratives, summary documents, vision graphics and other dynamic communications, illustrations, and identity graphics in digital or traditional media.

Visuals open big visions to bold actions © Christine Walker

Visuals open big visions to bold actions
© Christine Walker

When we address challenges in organizations or with individuals, a knowledge of creative process guides best practices. Awareness of our own adaptive changes and full potential influences outcomes. We experience masterful performance and strive to realize it again. If we fall short, we mine the learning opportunities. We are not producing widgets, yet, the valuable work we do considers that if widgets are produced they benefit people and the greater good.

Creative Agility and Leadership © Christine Walker

Creative Agility and Leadership © Christine Walker

How are you preparing for highest potential and creativity? Are you celebrating the opportunities to learn? Is there joy and satisfaction in those brief moments when all is in balance? Where will you experience new levels of mastery? Who is on your team? Are you engaged in authentic, productive conversations? Who is listening? What do you want to say?  

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Header photo: Sustainable Enterprise Conference

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